Fortnite League




Join us for our first Fortnite League. We are looking for 20 competitive people who want to test their skills at Fortnite, have fun and join our gaming community.


When:    June 19th-August 14th. Saturday League night 4-8                                      CASH PRIZES

               p.m. Wednesday make-up day 4-8 p.m                                                              1st      $130      

​                                                                                                                                              2nd       100

Who:     Ages 11 and up.                                                                                                      3rd         70                                                                                   

​                                                                                                                                             4th-8th    40

Where:  GAMERZ GALAXY  5700 Denison Ave. Cleveland                                            

              Ohio 44102                                                                                                         


Console: PS4 pro                                                                                                             

Rules:   8 week league. Play 3 separate battle royal matches per week. Highest score achieved based on

                                       total kills will count as your final score for the week.


             Players must notify league official upon start and completion of each round to record results


            Players will be given two days during the week to complete their 3 matches.

            Saturday and Wednesday 4-8 p.m.


            Final scores will be added from the 7 best scores accumulated

            during the 8 weeks  




Scoring: 7 points for completion of each round on League night Saturday  


              5 points for completion of each round on make- up day Wednesday


              1 point per kill. Points accumulate each week with standings updated twice/week



Entry Fee: $60.  Pre-register by June 3rd to earn an additional 5 points.


                           Call 330-704-6559 or 216-562-7088 for details.